The learning goals of this seminar are twofold. First, the seminar will focus on the social construction of parenthood, attitudes toward parenthood and the division of paid and unpaid work, with a particular focus on how to design and empirically examine sociologically relevant research questions. This will be covered in “Stream 1: Theory / Parenthood”. Second, students will learn how to conduct quantitative empirical data analysis using (cross-national) survey data. Using Stata, students will be guided through the initial stages of data setup, data cleaning, variable construction and producing basic multi-variate statistical models (for example, multiple linear regression). This will be covered in “Stream 2: Empirical / Stata”. Overall, the goal of the seminar is to provide students with the skills required to conduct empirical, quantitative data analysis within the frame of theory and research questions relevant for sociology and the social sciences. This seminar is ideal as preparation of writing a quantitative Bachelor thesis. It is a prerequisite that students have completed “Modul 4 / SOZ-BA-F1 Statistik” and “Modul 3 / SOZBA-GF Grundlagen der empirischen Sozialforschung” or have completed equivalent coursework/seminars/courses.

NOTE: this is a 4 SWS seminar, and as such DOUBLE the workload and TN credits of a normal 2 SWS seminar.