The aim of this seminar is to provide students with the skills they require to be able to conduct data analysis with Stata. The topics covered include: introduction to Stata, do-files and log-files, 2 data cleaning, variable construction, loops, macros, producing tables and graphs, automated output, presenting tables and output, statistical tests of association and factor analysis and indexes. While no prior knowledge is required, it is recommended that students have completed “Modul 4 / SOZ-BA-F1 Statistik: Einführung in die Statistik”. Students who already have a basic understanding of Stata will be able to refresh what they know and practice more advanced programming. One of the aims of the seminar is for students to produce a detailed do-file with comments, syntax and explanations for future use und reference (for example when preparing their own data for other projects such as a Bachelor thesis). Time will be made available for questions and discussion. Depending on student’s wishes, more advanced programming and commands can also be covered.