Decolonisation and Feminisms

Modul 1: Feminist Movements, Practices and Experiences of Decolonisation and

Modul 2: De/ Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Activism


The political debate about the restitution of objects removed from the colonies and exhibited in European museums is in full swing. Decolonising knowledges, cultures and policies, socialities and practices, decolonizing power relations in general are an urgent concern of global justice. Feminisms around the world emphasize that these are crucial political and epistemic questions. A critical reflection upon processes of ‘othering’ and disappropriation seeks to understand how coloniality is embedded in political and social structures and how experiences and perceptions of modernity are shaped by colonial heredities. Raising awareness for exclusionary practices includes self-reflection within emancipatory movements. Bearing this in mind decolonial feminist theory analyses unequal, intersecting power relations and brings forward solidarities and policies to overcome these inequalities.