SS 2021:  Systems and Software Engineering II ,  Thursdays: 13:00 - 15:00 ,  Course Instructor:  Prof. Dr. Visvanathan Ramesh

This course will be a research seminar and project course exploring the interface between programming languages, software engineering and modern AI systems design with specific emphasis on validation and verification of AI systems.  Students are expected to read and present research material, videos, write critiques of specific articles, and participate in discussion.  Projects may involve exploration of one or more aspects of papers in depth in a concrete application context.  The course is offered in collaboration with a seminar course at University of Lund by Dr. Christoph Reichenbach.  Dr. Neil Thacker, an expert in performance modeling from University of Manchester, will join the discussion. Please write to me: if you have specific questions.

Background requirements for course enrollment:

a) At least one of the following prerequisites  - Software and Systems Engineering I,  Systems Engineering meets Life Sciences I,  Machine Learning I,  Pattern analysis and Machine Intelligence Seminar, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing

b) Background in Programming languages and coding at Undergraduate computer science level