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Anmeldung der BA Arbeit

Anmeldung der BA Arbeit

by Eva B. -
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I was wondering - can you freely chose when to start your official working-on-BA-thesis-period or do you have to discuss it with your supervisor/align it with their schedule? Or does it depend on the supervisor?

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Re: Anmeldung der BA Arbeit

by Thomas Clark -

You are principally free to set your official applicaton date, but this should be coordinated with your supervisor, who should give you feedback on whether you are ready, e.g. have a workable project size or need to factor in time e.g. for acquiring relevant source material from abroad (N.B.: Prüfungsordnung: "Die Betreuerin oder der Betreuer hat sicherzustellen, dass gegebenenfalls die für die Durchführung der Bachelorarbeit erforderliche apparative Ausstattung zur Verfügung steht."). Of course, you are not officially permitted to work on your thesis until you have officially applied, but that doesn't mean you aren't already conceptualizing your future project.